Mission statement

The pedagogical vision of the Local Board of Upper Secondary and Adult Education

Through the core ideas of motivation, enjoyment and self-esteem, we work together to create a school where everyone can grow and develop. Combining knowledge and skills in context allows our students to become life-long learners. Our students develop commitment, responsibility and the ability to take initiative in order to help them realise their future potential.

Knowledge – students are challenged to develop knowledge and skills through interdisciplinary studies and variety of ways of working in order to prepare them for future studies and working life.

Influence and responsibility – teachers and students have the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate their own work through a framework of guidance and objectives.

Security and respect – the school community is based on a set of mutual values and rules, showing respect for individuals and the school environment through an inclusive approach.

Sustainable development – life and work in school is characterised by perspectives on sustainable development, in its broadest sence.

Entrepreneurship – teachers and students challenge current practice and standards, take the initiative, try new ways of learning and establish contact with employers and higher education.

Personal development – students develop the skills to take responsibility for themselves and their learning and are given the oppotunities they need to develop their skills and abilities.