Elever i skogen Två människor som håller händer

Teambuilding på schemat

Eleverna på programmet International Baccalaureate tillbringade en spännande dag på Villevabanan i Fjärås. Teambuilding och lära känna varandra-övningar stod bland annat på schemat.

IB-eleven, Mohamad Salam, berättar själv: 

"It’s 08:15 in the morning, and all the IB classes are gathered in the station waiting for the bus to go. We travelled to the woods in Fjärås. There we met a wonderful man called Uffe. This gentleman has a very strong sense of humor but also serious at the same time, he used team building exercises with fun activities to teach us valuable lessons in life".

"The first thing he did was to shake everyones hand while introducing himself, it’s not often you see this and we all really appreciated him taking the time doing this. He threw some cards with “quality” words printed onto the ground, for example, loyal, respectful, enthusiastic, happy…etc. Everybody had to choose something that best describes him/her and tell the rest why. Even the teachers had to participate. Afterwards we had to stand in a circle and next to someone who wasn’t from our class so we could communicate and improve our socializing skills. He made us do some warm up exercises to get our blood flowing".

"Then we moved to another part of the forest where there were multiple ropes attached to trees. Everybody was wondering what was going on but soon enough he explained that these ropes create a maze that we will have to do blindfolded. Uffe split the entire group into smaller groups of 5 people, he guided us to the start of the maze and we had to find our way out. We started the maze and we got out, it was a great challenge but we also succeeded with communicating and trusting each other. We are truly IB learners"!

"Hugo of Pre-IB class put on some music and started to dance for everyone just to have some fun, it was in fact fun to watch".

"With that the day had to end and we sadly had to thank and say goodbye to Sir Uffe. We travelled by bus back to the station and from there we all vanished in the abyss of buses which headed home, we  all slept incredibly well that night! Massive thanks to Uffe for a truly fabulous day".